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Oct 30, 2012 4:55am EDT
neighborhood incomes queens new york. >> 50 homes destroyed. jim describes the incredible scene. we will run the video for you to hear. >> 4200 homes out here. this is a community that lost the most people during 9/11, the firefighters and cops during 9/11, the community was hit horribly tonight. around 6:30, they lost power. the water came rushing in. many expected there will be flooding and loss of power. the fire erupted on one of the walks out here and went from walk to walk to walk. we were in a home and the fire was across from us. as the fire spread, we evacuated not once, was waded our way to another and home realized the cars started to blow up in that parking lot. we had to leave there. we went to another home and the fire continued to spread. my understanding, it has spread acrossed about 12 blocks of breezy point , the wedge. it's a place i'm very particular with. i spent summers down here. it's destroyed tonight. right now, we are in a church. there is about 40 of us that are as we speak are about to be evacuated and taken out of here on a bus, there is no option to stays there
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1